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Valium Online Store, Buy Diazepam 5Mg

Senior Championship

We await the championship tie against Latton on Saturday week, 30th June in Inniskeen at 8pm.

Reserve League

Neither of our Reserve games due to take place last week went ahead. Tyholland conceded, but the Magheracloone game will be re-fixed.

The next game will be a home game against Latton on Wednesday, 4th July.

Minor League

The minor league resumes with a home game against the Harps on Tuesday at 8pm.

U16 League

Our u16s are back in action this evening, Thursday with a home game against Truagh at 7pm.

U14 League

Division 1: Our game against the Harps will take place this evening, Thursday in Rooskey at 6.45pm.

Next up is a home game on Saturday week, 30th June against Scotstown at 1.15pm.

Division 6: We played out a draw with Rockcorry last in an entertaining game where the two sides were close throughout. We opened brightly and did very well to hold out for a draw in the end. Our next game is in Saturday week, 30th June at home to Clones at 12pm.


We play Killanny at home on Saturday at 12pm.


U10 training continues on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm. All are welcome to come along.

Under 8s & Nursery

Under 8s and u6 nursery continues on Friday evenings at 6:30pm sharp. All boys and girls welcome.

Ulster Semi-Final

Best wishes to our county representatives Vinnie, Dessie & Conor on the senior team and Conor Lavelle & Brian Greenan on the minor team, both of whom take on Down in the Ulster semi-final on Sunday in Armagh at 12.15pm and 2pm. Good luck boys.


Sympathy is extended to the Greenan and Ward families on the death of Alice Greenan. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.


Senior Hurling Championship

Clontibret 4-17 Truagh 4-09

We had a strong start to the championship. Great effort from the team with key performances from Noel Morgan, Cormac Connolly, Ned Mc Cann and a man of the match display from Kieran Greenan.

Championship match tonight v Castleblayney (away) 8pm

U16 Hurling League

Mon 25th v Truagh (away)8pm

U12 Hurling League

Mon 25th v Truagh (away) 6.45pm

Flag day

Sat 30th June in Castleblayney

A fundraiser has being organised to raise funds to aid underage Hurling Development within the club. Lots of help will be needed from both parents and players on the day so anyone who will be available contact Declan 086 1600891


The club would like to sympathise with Tommy, Eoin, Kieran, Brian and the Greenan Family on the death of their Granny. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.

22nd June 2012 | Category: Buy Valium London

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