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Under 16s
Congratulations to our U-16 team who made history this evening (Tues) when they topped the Armagh U-16 League following their decisive defeat of Mullaghabawn. They add this title to the U-16 title they won in Louth a few weeks ago.

Panel: Amy Gorman, Shauna McKeever, Emily Madden, Emma Deery, Sioneen Morgan, Niamh Kieran, Mary Duffy, Chloe McGuigan, Sinéad Mohan (Capt), Ríoghnach Duffy, Eimear McKenna, Hannah McSkeane, Sorcha McDonald, Melinda McCague, Niamh Hughes, Clíona McDonald,Katie McNally and Catherine Mohan.

Many, many thanks to the loyal band of parents who have supported this team all season travelling all over Armagh and Louth to matches. It was much apreciated!

Congratualtions also to our Minor team who defeated St Brides, Louth, on Sunday morning last in atrocious weather conditions. The girls must now await their fixture with Mattock Rangers. Many thanks to Monaghan GAA for the use of Cloghan due to our own pitch being unavailable as a result of a double-header in football.

Ulster Senior Club Championship
All roads lead to Clontibret this Sunday at 1.30pm when our seniors take on Magherafelt (Derry) in the first round of the Ulster Club Championship – the Bridie McMenamin Cup. It is anticipated that this will be a tough encounter as any Derry team can be expected to have pedigree and form. However our senior players have worked really hard in preparation and are well fired up, and with home advantage, intend to make Magherafelt fight all the way. Please come along and give the girls the encouragement and support they deserve.

Armagh Senior League
Our seniors also ended their involvemnt for this year in the Armagh Senior League Division 1 when they defeated Aghagallon on Wednesday evening last, thereby finishing a very crdeible 2nd place behind Cullyhanna.

Get Well Soon
Every good wish to Tara McNally who is recovering following knee surgery recently. A good rest all winter and you will be back on our U-14 panel in Spring!!

All Ireland
For Muireann the clock is counting down to her All-Ireland Ladies Football final on Sunday 29th. Best wishes with your preparations Muireann.

All-Ireland Camogie Finals
Finally, many thanks to the generous people who donated tickets (mainly Premium Level) for last Sundays All-Ireland camogie finals. They were very much appreciated by those who received them.

18th September 2013 | Category: Buy Valium LondonValium Order Overnight Delivery

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