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Buy Diazepam Tablets, Buy 1000 Valium Online Uk

Senior League
The game against Doohamlet due to be played this weekend has been postponed due to Monaghan’s involvement in the championship on 2nd August.

Reserve League Division 1
Our game against Magheracloone didn’t go ahead last week. We are due to play Latton away on Friday 1st August at 8pm.

Reserve Championship Division 3
We played Killanny yesterday evening, result next week.

Minor League & Championship
Clontibret 4-9, Toome 1-11. We had a good victory over Toome in the championship to qualify for the next round against St. Tiarnach’s which took place on Tuesday gone by. Result next week.

Clontibret 2-13, St. Pats 1-7. We had a good home victory against St. Pat’s last Thursday. This evening, Thursday, we are away to Truagh at 7.30pm. Next Thursday, 31st July, we are at home to Magheracloone at 7.30pm.

U14 League
We play Doohamlet in Doohamlet on Saturday at 12pm.

Clontibret 6-8, Oram 7-4. We had a super one point victory over Oram in a great game last Saturday. Well done to the boys who put in a brilliant performance. We have a match at home to Éire Óg next Tuesday at 7.30pm.

U10 Boys
Training continues on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm at the field.

U6 & U8
U6 training will continue on Friday evening at 6.30pm, and u8 training will continue at 10am Saturday morning.

Championship semi-final takes place this evening in Carrick at 8pm v ‘Blayney.

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