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Buy Diazepam Online Nz - Can You Buy Valium In Australia

The club held a very successful AGM on Friday evening last. Reports from outgoing Secretary, Michaela and Treasurer, Marie, reflected the hard work and many successes of 2014`both on and off the playing pitches. Highlights included winning the senior ‘double’ for a second successive year – the county senior championship and Ulster Junior championship finals; the hospitality shown towards Muinebeag, Carlow, in the U-14 Féile na nGael, and our U-12’s participation in ‘Caman to Clones’.

At individual level Michelle Morgan ‘stole the show’ winning ‘Player of the Match’ in both the senior and Ulster championship finals as well as GAA Senior ‘Camogie Player of 2014’ award. Marie Greenan was awarded ‘Administrator of the Year 2014’ at the Ulster Camogie Awards lunch while young Kirsty Morgan O’Reilly was honoured by being chosen to represent her school, club and county, playing in front of 75,000 spectators in Croke Park in the INTO Give Respect Mini-Games.

Officers elected for 2015 are as follows: Cathaoirleach: Macartan Kieran, Vice-Chairman: Helen Moen, Secretary: Geraldine Clarke, Asst-Secretary: Mairead Tomany, Treasurer: Aisling Greenan, Asst-Treasurer: Eilish Carroll, Registrar: Marie Greenan, PRO: Geraldine Clarke and Rosemary McElvaney, Children’s Officer: Nóra Tomany.

Discussions took place around a number of fund-raising initiatives which will be undertaken in the not-too-distant-future. A further meeting will be held shortly to finalise the details.

Those in attendance were reminded of the Clontibret O’Neill’s Presentation Dinner Dance taking place in the Hotel Hillgrove on Saturday night and members were urged to sell as many tickets as possible.

Gratitude was expressed to all those who supported the club in so many ways throughout 2014– transporting players, attending matches, hosting players in Féile, making financial donations, sponsoring club gear etc. Particular mention was made of Robert Kidney for his support and attention to detail when it came to hosting matches in Clontibret and his courtesy and kindness to the club over a number of years. Gratitude was also expressed to the Committee of Clontibret O’Neill’s GAA Club for use of the club facilities and the Committee of the Community Centre for their co-operation.

So here’s to another successful year in 2015!!!

19th February 2015 | Category: Buy Valium LondonValium Order Overnight Delivery

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