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Club Notes – 21 January 2016

Buy Valium London

Passing of Former Players Two former Clontibret players have passed away in the past week. The late Brian Sherry Tullycomaskey spent most of his life in England but is remembered as an enthusiastic player who came on to the senior team in the mid 1950s. He played most of his football at corner back but […]

19th January 2016 | Category: Valium Order Overnight DeliveryValium Australia Online | Valium Sales Online

Club Notes – 7 January 2016

Genuine Valium Online Uk

Happy New Year A very happy and healthy new year to all our members and to all involved in the club in any way.

Awards Evening 2015 Two very enjoyable gatherings took place on Sunday 27th December when the achievements of our players at all levels in 2015 were recognised and celebrated. First up was […]

4th January 2016 | Category: Valium Order Overnight DeliveryValium Australia Online | Order Diazepam 5Mg