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Greenfield Foods SFC
Clontibret 0-15 Monaghan Harps 0-9; A steady if not spectacular performance was enough to get us over the line against the Harps in Emyvale on Sunday last as we advance to the quarter final. A place in the semi final with Magheracloone is now at stake when we take on Latton in Blayney at 1-15pm on Sunday.

A good win in Scotstown last week puts us safely into the Division One Shield final. The opposition for this will be decided on Tuesday when Scotstown and St Pats play off in Aghabog and we play the winners on Tuesday 30th August.

Under 16
Last game of the league is away to Seans 7pm Thursday 25th August.

Under 14
We will now play in the Shield final against the winners of Clones and Patrick Emmet’s who play off this week end.

Under 12
Both teams have now progressed to the finals on Saturday 3rd Sept. Division 1 play Eire Og or Scotstown while Division 6 play Killanny or Scotstown.

U6s: Training to continue Friday evening in the hall at 6pm

U8s: Well done to our U8s who took part in the Derrynoose tournament last Sunday. Many thanks to Derrynoose GFC for inviting us as they laid on a great day for the kids. All the hard work done over the summer was on full show as our boys acquitted themselves very well with some great skills on display.

U10s: Training to continue Wednesday at 6.30pm

U10 Community Games: Our Under 10 parish team didn’t have any luck in Athlone at the weekend but they are still County Champions and still Ulster Champions, something they will carry with them for the rest of their careers. This was a great experience for the boys, who were able to compete against very strong opposition showing that even though we’re from a small rural community our footballers are just as good as anybody in the country. Well done.

Hurlers: Congratulations to our U12 team who beat Truagh on Friday night to win the Hurling Shield. We look forward to continuing the great strides which have been made with the juvenile hurlers in the past two years. U8 and U10 Go Games in Cloghan this Wed at 6.45pm.
We always welcome new players, ages 6+.

O’Neill Park
We hosted another big crowd at O’Neill Park on Sunday last with a senior championship quarter final double header. There was much favourable comment from the patrons about ease of access and egress with our new car park and the large number of stewards favourably mentioned. Another double header on Saturday evening this week end with IFC action featuring Cremartin and Emyvale at 4.15pm followed by an SFC quarter final of Scotstown and Truagh.

23rd August 2016 | Category: Buy Valium LondonValium Order Overnight Delivery

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