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Credit Unions SFL Clontibret 1-10 Scotstown 0-15
A narrow defeat in Scotstown on Saturday last in a game which ended with controversial decisions that affected the outcome. The timing of further games will be influenced by Monaghan’s progress in the All Ireland series.

County Team
Best wishes to Conor, Vinny, Dessie and Brian and their team mates as they get another crack at Down this time in the more spacious surroundings of Croke Park on Saturday.

O’Neill Park
Thanks to the work of a small but willing group of volunteers during the week O’Neill Park was looking resplendent for the senior championship game on Sunday evening, while the stewards did their usual efficient job of catering for the patrons. Next up is a Junior Championship match on Friday 29th July at 7.30pm when Oram play Seans. Usual stewards required from 6.30pm

Platinum Tanks RFL Clontibret 0-13 Corduff 2-11
The McKeown Cup final replay didn’t work out as planned as a well drilled Corduff outfit were always in control. Next up for this team is the league semi final in Oram on Friday 4th August

Clontibret 7-8 Sean Mac Diarmada 3-10 The minors advanced to the semi final of the Division 3 Championship on 15th August with a win at home to Seans on Tuesday last This week the league resumes with visit visit to St Mary’s/Na Mullai on Tuesday 25th followed by a home game with Cremartin on Tuesday August 8th.

U16 Clontibret 2-11 Castleblayney 1-6
We advanced to the championship semi final on 10th August with a good win over Blayney on Sunday last.
In the league, remaining matches include, home to Killanny on 3rd August and Cremartin on 17th August

Clontibret 2-8 Inniskeen 2-8 A draw with Inniskeen sets up a possible final with Inniskeen in the not too distant future

Next games in this age group include Thursday 27th July at home to Scotstown for Div 2 at 7pm and away to Inniskeen on Friday for Div 6 at 7.30pm

U6 Training Friday evening in the field at 6pm

U8 Training to continue Saturday morning at 10.30

U10 Training this Saturday at 9.30am in the field

Sympathy is extended to the Brennan family on the recent death of Barry Dempsey, to the O’Reilly family on the death of Mel O’Reilly and also to Fr Lorcan Lynch on the death of his brother Noel. Ar dheis De go raibh a anameacha.

25th July 2017 | Category: Buy Valium LondonValium Order Overnight Delivery

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