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Buy Valium Us, Cheap Valium Online India

Buy Valium Us, Cheap Valium Online India

Senior League
We lost out to a hungrier Magheracloone team on a score-line of 2-12 to 1-10 on Saturday last. The last league game is away to Ballybay on Sunday at 2pm.

Clontibret Our Future
We are now working towards Phase 3 and Phase 4 of our development programme which will include the creation of an all weather playing pitch alongside our existing pitch as well as the development of a 1km walking track around the perimeter of the facility. As part of the local contribution for this we depend on the generosity of our Clontibret Our Future members. The contribution for year 3 is now due and your promoter will be calling with you shortly with a brochure that explains the whole process. Please be as generous as you can so that this plan can soon become a reality.

Scor na bPaisti
Congratulations to the two Clontibret Scor teams who competed in the Trath na gCeist section of the Scor na bPaisti competition held in Clontibret Community Centre on Saturday 21st October.
Our Football quiz team comprising of Daniel Boylan, Stephen McSkeane, Conor Sherlock and Charlie Mone attained second, while the Quiz team representing the Clontibret Hurlers came in 3rd position. This team comprised of Tommie Mone, Nessa McGlone, Finian O’Neill and Darragh Keenan.
Also well done to our three young dancers Colleen Moen, Ruth & Neela McKenna who danced a three hand reel.

Thanksto all the children and parents involved as we now look forward to the Scor Na nOg competition on November 25th.

Anyone U-17 wishing to participate in music, dancing, singing or recitation please contact Eilish on 0863131239.

Our very own Dessie Mone did us proud presenting the prizes to all the winners in their respective categories.

Don’t forget our AGM is fixed for Friday, 24th November.

Juvenile Hurling
A big crowd was treated to ‘The Boss Baby’ film on Fri night, not to mind the spectacle of all the mums and dads pedalling their hearts out!
We had great fun and raised money for equipment for our young hurlers. We would like to thank all our generous sponsors. Indoor training returns in the new year and new members are always welcome!

24th October 2017 | Category: Buy Valium LondonValium Order Overnight Delivery

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