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Walkway Restricted Opening

As part of Phase 2 of the national re-opening plan the Walkway at O’Neill Park is now open for four hours daily from 3pm to 7pm.The first hour from 3pm to 4pm is reserved for seniors/vulnerable persons and protocols have been put in place in line with HSE and GAA guidelines. These include walking only in a clockwise direction and patrons are asked to start their walk by walking down in front of the stand and exit the walk via the back of the dressing rooms to avoid meetingincoming walkers. Meanwhile all other facilities including pitches remain closed for all activities. It is expected these restrictions will last at least until we move into Phase 3 at the end of the month. 

55 Miles For Millie

Calling all families- the club are hosting a “55 Miles for Millie” challenge on Sunday next around our walking track. We are seeking 55 families to walk / jog a mile around the track in 10mins, and raise sponsorship/donate towards this very worthy cause. This will be in relay format over 3hrs.

Due to social distancing regulations please text eilish or pm on 086 3131239 for your allocated time slot.

Monaghan County Council Helpdesk

The helpdesk set up by still exists to respond to the needs of those who feel vulnerable as a result of the Covid 19 crisis. It can be contacted anytime at 1800 804 158 with a team of local volunteers in place to respond to your requirements. As we appear to be moving out of the current crisis our club wishes to place on record our thanks to those who made themselves available to help out in this initiative and all who put their shoulder to the wheel in a whole variety of ways over the past three months.  

Covid 19 Guidelines on safe Return to Gaelic Games    

The GAA has published a very comprehensive set of guidelines to be implemented for the return of training and games in Phases 3 and 4 of the reopening plan. It will be a very different scenario to what went before and will involve much planning, preparation and education of all participants to enable a safe and smooth return to training and hopefully to some games. The document can be accessed online at Buy Valium London and should be read by all club officers, coaches, players and parents immediately.  

Monaghan 2 Mizen Virtual Walk

Noel Duffy from Drumhowan is doing a virtual walk from his home to Mizen Head to raise funds for the Irish Heart Foundation and the Acute Stroke unit in Drogheda Hospital in memory of his mother Nan Duffy who dies from a stroke in November 2018. As Nan taught for a number of years in ScoilMhuire Clontibret,  Noel will be doing part of hiwalk around Clontibret on Thursday 18th June from 3to 7pm. Anyone who wishes to donate and /or walk a lap (4 laps of 5k in total) in memory of Nan please contact Niall Thornton on 087 2442111 for further information.

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